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[WINS Honor] WINS Investment Won Double Awards of “New Power of Capital Management"
[WINS Honor] WINS Investment Won Double Awards of “New Power of Capital Management"

On December 20, 2018, “The Third Session of China Real Estate Asset Management Summit in 2018” jointly sponsored by Ruihr Think Tank, Winshang Club and LEJU Finance was successfully held in Beijing W Hotel. The summit invited more than 500 industry elites, more than 100 industry celebrities and more than 80 organizations to share and discuss the secret of crossing the cycle around the theme of the conference, “Slow Wisdom through Confusion”.


At this summit, the annual award ceremony for new power of Ruihr and capital management was specially held, and many awards were announced on the spot. WINS investment won the title of “New Power of Capital Management—Jinrui Organization of 2018”and WINS investment president Xu Yafeng won the title of “New Power of Capital Management—Celebrity of 2018".



WINS Investment won the title of “New Power of Capital Management—Jinrui Organization of 2018”



Xu Yafeng, president of WINS Investment, won the title of “New Power of Capital Management—Celebrity of 2018”


The 2018 selection of new power for asset management was decided by an online public vote and a comprehensive review by an expert committee to recognize enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the real estate asset management field and reward projects with benchmarking significance in the industry, thus boosting the development and progress of the industry.


WINS Investment—Leader in Real Estate Fund Field

WINS Investment is a private equity fund management company focusing on the real estate market at home and abroad, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan. In the spirit of pioneers, WINS started its exploration in real estate finance in 2006. The USD fund (UG fund) set up with UBS in 2008 was the first international standardized real estate fund for domestic real estate agencies. In 2010, it began to expand its RMB fund business and is committed to building a stable and professional investment platform for global investors.


The strong background of shareholders

Gemdale, the investment shareholder of WINS, was founded in 1988 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It started real estate business in 1993 and is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (600383.SH) in 2001. It was one of the earliest real estate enterprises in China to list and complete a nationwide layout. Gemdale's current business includes residential development and sales and decoration, commercial real estate development and sales and holding operations, real estate finance, property services and community operations, international education and sports industry operations featuring tennis, etc. The residential and commercial real estate projects developed and held cover 7 regions and 50 cities in China and 8 core cities on the east and west coasts in the United States, with 11 projects.


In 2017, Gemdale realized real estate sales of about 140.8 billion, with a sales area of about 76670 square meters. By the end of 2017 (annual report period), the land reserve was about 37.7 million square meters, with total assets of 207.9 billion and net assets of 40.8 billion.


“Real Estate + Finance” Double Background Management Team

WINS' core management team has a comprehensive background and ability in real estate investment, finance, management and retirement, and has more than 10 years of work experience and management experience. The main team members come from different industries such as banks, trusts, investment institutions and real estate funds. They have rich experience in real estate investment and fund management. With their professional management model, keen industry insight, efficient market response ability and rich operational experience, the investment team of WINS has discovered and created value for investors.


Profession Wins Trust

As a professional real estate financial platform under the banner of Gemdale, WINS Investment adheres to the core value of “profession wins trust” and takes “value discovery and value creation” as its mission. On the basis of its original advantageous business, it continues to promote comprehensive businesses such as equity investment, asset acquisition, asset securitization, urban renewal fund and overseas investment, and promotes each other in various important links such as real estate fund investment, financing, management and withdrawal. Based on an accurate grasp of the market cycle and urban differences, relying on quality channels and risk control of WINS, we will explore and lock in more quality projects and investment opportunities in the market, create value for customers through matching risks and benefits, and help China's real estate finance develop healthily.



WINS Investment has established good cooperative relations with international institutional investors, domestic first-class insurance companies, asset management companies, major commercial banks, trust companies, securities companies, public offering funds and other financial institutions. At the same time, WINS combines its own funds, group investment funds and funds from several strategic parties to build a multi-channel and multi-level source of funds to protect the successful operation of


In the future, WINS Investment will give full play to the role of the capital link linking Gemdale Platform, institutional investors and small and medium-sized developers, work closely with institutional investors, cooperate with each other in financial innovation and asset acquisition, multi-financial products and investment strategy combination to improve the efficiency of capital allocation, and realize the complementary advantages of the platform and capital operation and win-win cooperation.

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